Search Tips

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Use a minus sign (-) in place of a booleanNOT.

ASTM steel -stainless results in documents mentioningASTM and steel but NOT stainless.

Include a space between the publisher and the 
document number.

"ASTM D1250" NOT "ASTMD1250"

If you"re not sure of the publisher or acronym, enter the 
document number only.

"650" "9000" "B31.3"

Leave off the edition dates in document numbers.

"IEEE 802.3" NOT "IEEE 802.3-2000"

Use quotes ("") to find an exact phrase.

"plastic pressure vessels" only returns results matching that 
entire phrase.

Add an asterisk (*) in your search as a wildcard for a string 
of letters or numbers. Use the question mark (?) for a single character wildcard.

Note: You cannot use a * or ? symbol as the first character 
of a search.

elec* for "elect", "elects", "electron", "electricity"
su? for sub, sun, or sum, etc.

Check the publisher"s acronym. A misspelling will cause problems.


Broaden your search by searching for something more general.

"pump standards" instead of "centrifugal high-flow pump standards"

Narrow your search by searching for a unique combination of 
words from the title.

"hardened titanium tool steel" or "oilfield gas valve corrosion"

Include a combination of the publisher name, acronym, keywords, author, etc.

"ASTM tool steel"